The Isle of Skye with Ted Baker

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October has arrived again and it's become much easier to persuade myself not to go outdoors. Autumn in the city doesn't quite live up to the yearly build of expectation brought on by pinterest images of Vermont! As soon as the golden leaves hit the ground they turn to slush, you fall on them and it probably starts to rain shortly after.

This weekend however we got out of town - piled our bags into my tiny car and drove 5 hours north to the Isle of Skye. I grew up in the countryside, and every time I take the A82 I get pretty excited, but there's the outdoors and then there's the OUTDOORS. We arrived just as the sun was setting (somewhere behind a thick layer of cloud) and you could just about see the mountains rising up, the expanses of heathery marsh and the outcrops of pine woodland as we drove to our lodgings in Uig. Now that's countryside. The following day was spent climbing hills, patting dogs and eating our way across the island from top to bottom, until nightfall and the long drive back to Glasgow. Though I arrived home with a heavy heart and a yearning to upsticks and live in a shepherds hut, I was somewhat consoled by wifi for the first time in 36 hours.

dressed in Ted Baker - coat, tshirt, trousers and backpack

images in collaboration with Jack Mercer