Time Away with SKAGEN Denmark

For the last two months I have been working in partnership with SKAGEN Denmark, trying out their Falster smartwatch. From my trip to Milan back in February, to New York in mid March and rural Northumberland in early April, it's fast become an essential piece of kit. On the go it's not always convenient to get your phone out, when you're carrying three bags on the subway at 23:30 for example, so having access to message alerts there right there on your wrist is a godsend. Especially if you're still working out logistics regarding your airbnb whilst en route to your airbnb. In Milan, access to the translate and weather functions out and about was also really useful. Italians are amongst the most encouraging and enthusiastic conversationalists when it comes to me attempting a foreign language, but having a back up at the click of a button gave me the courage I needed to stumble through.

Let's talk aesthetics, as with a piece of timeless design (pun somewhat intended) like this they can't be ignored. I never quite understood the appeal of other smartwatches, because though in functionality they can make your day a lot easier, in appearance many of them are essentially miniaturised smartphones on a wrist strap. SKAGEN however have created a product which maintains the conventions you'd expect within a smartwatch, but who's appearance emulates the design principles of a traditional timepiece. I'm in.

in paid collaboration with SKAGEN Denmark